We are Web Solution Architects and software writers. We design and purpose build intelligent websites for businesses who want functions automated into their website. 


We are your "One-Stop" to going online. Everything you need from domain registration, hosting, website/shopping-cart to writing custom software.
Experienced in web solutions build. If you can visualise, we can build it for you!


"Image, image, image". Business is all about image, getting to your customers and marketing your product. In today's business practice, a web site is a way of advertising your business outside you lacal area. Your customers can see you from anywhere and everywhere 24x7 365 days in more than one way. From sell perspective, It is impossible for you or your staff in person to talk to 10000 customer within a few minutes to demonstrate your products but, with a web site you can! .. and that is what it is designed to do. To show your products an services to more customers, to reach customers where you have never dream of!

For web presence, your business will need to register for a domain name (usually a 2 year at $24/year). This is "domain" is the "marker or business name on the internet". Next you will need to "rent" a space to host the "contents or web pages" on the internet space. This service is called "Web Hosting". The cost of web hosting may vary depending on features and quality of service. Lastly, web site like any "vehicle" has its own running costs and maintenance requirements. It is important to understand that, for the web site to serve it real purpose and do its part in promoting your business it needs to be up 24x7 and web site resource is not unlimited, occassionally memory need to be cleaned and free up, web content needs to be regular backup or refresh etc.,

The most cost effective apprach is to go for a "One-Stop" service provider with everything is done for you. In that way you get your values worth and leave the work to the professionals. This also takes the hard work from you so you concentrate on the business requirements.

"Image is everything!" in business. The costs for initial investment on web site is relative to the amount of effort you wished to purchase. The average costs for a decent business web site is between $1500 - $3500 and more depending on features.



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